“We ought not to view it as something special, as depraved or in some magical way better than other kinds of behavior. We ought to see it simply as a kind of behavior some disapprove of and others value, studying the process by which either or both perspectives are built up and maintained.”
~ Howard Becker, Outsiders

Hello World

Welcome to my new site. I am happy to bring you my thoughts on Swinging. Who am I? I am a former Unicorn who found her Love in the Lifestyle. We started as Play Partners, now we are partners in all parts of our lives. This is my thoughts, experiences and basic knowledge on Swinging. Planned topics include Hot Stories, Lifestyle Talk,  Reviews of Products, Books, Events, and Clubs.  Enjoy!

I would like to stress that this is an Adult Site. You will not find pornographic photos but will find adult discussions on adult topics. If you are a prude, have no interest in a healthy sex life, or under 18, this site is not for you. If you would like some tips to spice up your sex life, health tips related to sex, or interest in the Lifestyle, then welcome!

When you visit My Book Reviews keep this scale in mind:

Connie’s Scale:

Over all enjoyment: 1 – 5 Penises (because the more the merrier I always say)

1 P = could not finish book. Just plain bad.
2 P = Made it past the first chapter but forced myself to finish
3P = had some redeeming features in it. Some parts worth repeating but over all
just an average book.
4P = Kept me wanting to reading it through. Had many parts I enjoyed and wanted
to tell others about.
5P = One of the best books I have ever read on the subject. A must read.

The Erotic Factor: 1- 5 Orgasms (again, the more the merrier)

1 O = some titillation due to the subject contact. Not a sex book.
2 O = had a mediocre sex scene
3 O = at least one steamy scene, not enough to get my pants wet.
4 O = some very hot scenes. Made me take notes to try later.
5 O = couldn’t make it though without putting the book down at least once to take
care of myself, it had gotten me so hot.
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